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2. Historic bible discoveries.(below)

3. The Internet Bill of Rights.(below) (this clickable link (hypertext)is known an an anchor(1987). It should scroll you down to the page. This is a standard part of hyper text. But the internet is messed with. --The link worked in explorer, safari, firefox and netscape. Reverse compatability is a right.)


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The most Loving paper art ever: The Heart Machiene

First Interstellar OBJECT from space detected: Data and Analysis

Funny StarWars(edit and voiceover): Sea Guls - Stop it now

French comic Remi Gallard: Snail, Dog

And Ubie's own World on a String

The car of the future.

Below are a type of Art-Car -- 'ART BUSES'.

Many are like this ornate rides at Burning Man.

But this one is an Art Museum.

Some are Classic

Some are souped up. (large photo)

Some really make you wonder.

Some prefer the economical.

And some just go all out. (large photo scroll down)

But this one has to be The Real McCoy.

I guess everybody's different.


Brush all your teeth at once with this super tooth brush!


You can live in a mini pod

Visit your pod in this super light car.

Sci-Fi Author Greg Egan (I liked a lot of his stories)

Animation with tissue.

Cool wind map of earth: Double click or drag image

Important Essays:

The Shroud of Turin now has a precice date.(2015) ( Executive Summary ) (Shroud eclipse paper *)

The problem of American Education (2015)

The Science of the Noah Flood (2013).

The Internet Bill of Rights (2014).

Thoughts about God (2018)

Who will host these papers in the future? The web is not ready.

And pick up some Ubies!


A few Projects

My day at the beach photo and new castle!

Sand castles by the inventor A B C D E F G

Mysterious Alien Face Meteor (left profile) from space: Science News. Discovered by Tim Sheridan --in a magazine!)

World's Largest telescope uses an Ipad?
Tim Sheridan's home made 785" projection telescope ('the worlds longest telescope')
The cool mirror focuses at about 65 feet.
Here's it's image of the Sun (11/14/13) and (11/16/13 close-up).
Compare with BU astronomy department.(*)
List of previous record holders.

Support America's Flagship. The SS United States

The Great Westminster Clock Proposal

Catholic Priests and Alien Abductions. The False Accusation Ratio.

The Extrasolar Object Data graphic of Omuamua

Scientists turn off the Gene that causes Aids-Social genetics and human evolution.

Screen writing

Scripts for sale:

The Gate of Shambala (2015)
A family battles an eccentric art dealer and his international
henchmen for a sarcophagus with a strange curse which leads them
to the ancient origin of mankind.

Swimmin' in the Rain (2009) (for kids and adults)
A slightly handycapped goldfish is pulled out of the water by two large hands,
crosses an aquarium, looking for a family, carried by a color changing helper,
through the plumbing, meets critters who talk funny, discovers a tank of yellow
fish, takes a truck ride, family reunion.
Sound fmailure? I thought so.

They ran 30 major plot points (of mine), one every 4 pages,
each occurring at plus or minus 10% runtime.
Get it? One key idea, then 4 pages, then another key idea then 4 more. Yea. Hi.
Stuff they added: a different fish, a different handycap, a different aquarium

Stuff they took out: lots of cameos, songs, dance, play,
jokes about Hollywood, two young lovers, a couple jaded warehouse workers,
a crooked tank cleaner, an australian director... (spoiler: The fish survives.)
Gross: About a billion dollars. Please pay me.
Please just pay the guy. If you have a foundation.
Call me about how much of my cash has rolled into your hands.
Its everywhere. Screen money, vape money.. and more.
Secrets of the Pharoah (2010)
An historian discovers an artifact linked to ancient egypt and
convinces his friends to fly off to plunder the Great pyramid
but they are not the only ones looking for the treasure.

The Big \Puppet/ Powerhouse Christmas Extaravaganza (2010) --- (Synopsis )
A struggling theater company looses their theater to a wrecking ball
and books a much larger venue for a night of Christmas entertainment
but when the cast dinner is ruined, one critter must go out into the
magical Christmas even to buy more.

Space Script:
Unpublished Earth+Outer-Space Adventure (2007-9) --Check your mail hollywood ;)
Will earn about 500MM to Billion dollars.

Comedy Sketches for Sale:

Crystal Skull -- (The sketch!) You want polish with that?

Test tracks:

" Minor Film bits"

Internet and Science projects continued..

Article about unfair trade on the net. (missing)


Internet Talk:

The Internet Bill of Rights is available here.

Search engines (The corrupt internet and you)

Search engines have 1 job. To show YOU what is on the net.
Recently they went corrupt.
Now they defraud the public and show you whatever THEY want.
They show whoever bribes them.
They show pages based on information other than your search.
They Hide the Market from the People.
They show pirates. And they hide us.

We must make the internet fair.
The SEARCH ENGINE is the internet. And they don't work anymore.
The PROFITABLE keywords are all cheated.

Nobody will tell you this.
if you dont own a business, you would not know that America went totally corrupt.
The media will not report it.
They benefit from the system of fraud and greed.

Search engines DEMAND silly useless information.
They force people to make blogs. Just random people with little to say.




They have turned the internet into Junk.
Its like dumpster diving for facts.

A -Search Engine- is a government function.
It is The Market Place.
The basic function of society - To buy and sell.
When you type a key word, you expect ALL the PAGES Randomly.
So nobody has an unfair advantage over you.
But the non-inventors of the internet have
tried to -rank- everyone and everything.
We don't have a voice. Only people with
blog-computers and click-bots have a voice.
It is a fake government that cheats against you.
They decide who can buy and sell things.
They decide what is important.
They are against American Liberty and Freedoms.

They are selling you out.

They hide us on keywords - vape, vapes, portable, vaporizer-
They lie to Congress and America, when you search for -vaporizer-.
Ranking is for wars.. not the internet.

Internet is a Market place.
Markets must be FAIR.
Markets must be OPEN.
Markets must be EQUAL.
It doesn't work if we can't see you -or me.

Tell the Search Engine to list us equally.
The pirates charge three times more for vaporizers.
The Internet Bill of Rights is available here.

Write your congress person. http://House.Gov

Tell your friends about the Ubie !

The Ubie Vaporizer

Written with Microsoft word (which is buggy in htm)... Netscape worked.



More Science stuff

Scientists prove the universe is 'Turtles all the say down.'
(from the legendary Indian answer to "What holds up the turtle, that holds the up the world?"
Scientists claim two kinds of circular polarized light and show this Turtle shell pattern. [1], [2].
(The patterns are caused by regions of ionized gas and plasma when light was first able to travel.)
This appears to be a remnant of electrical ionized mass aggregation rather than gravity waves.)
(In 2011 Tim Sheridan discovered the first gravity wave when he realized the moon orbiting overhead
created a long gravity pulse (a true gravity wave) which lifts and sinks the tides. [See image])

In that same year Sheridan also prooved gravity waves travel at
the speed of light, using astronomical data. An unpublished puzzle.






Carbon Balance:

The Carbon Equivalence Principle:

The natural balance between and sea causes oceans and land to output the same amount of carbon.

Both land and sea absorb CO2 from the air and grow in biomass. Growth causes more carbon output, hence absorption by the other.

We can add up the annual outputs and derive the balance.



I tried publishing the Equivalence principle in 2008. But the science magazines were not interested.
Hopefully a complete accounting of carbon will be more interesting to readers.

The carbon equivalence principle is a present force in global dynamics.


Both Land and Sea act as two equal organisms.

Their natural size is equal.

Here,s the math.


8.07 = - LOG(10^(- 0.00142857)/(400/ 1.66)*10^-5.69)

First the known ocean surface pH is equated with change in pH/yr 0.001428 multiplied

by the atmospheric reserve 400ppm divided by the atmospheric change per year.

This equates to a theoretical reserve of additional carbon which we can multiply by pK to get the known pH.

This gives the pK value of 10^-5.69 for the Ocean. (The percent of CO2 that make H+ ions)

There are factors such as minerals and the slowness of atmospheric CO2 absorption which affect this.

Next we use the yr and pH of the ocean to compute a buffering factor.

8.07 = - LOG((1.66*10^-6)*(400/1.66)*(10^-5.69)*10.4)

Here the known 1.66 ppm/yr CO2 times the existing 400ppm/1.66 gives the total pH.

But we need a buffering factor to match pH.

(We had to multiply by 10.4 to match the actual ocean pH)

Now we can have some fun. Here is the run off estimate.


Land Run-off Estimate


major rivers


medium river factor


minor river factor


miles wide




ft deep


cu ft/sec


cu ft / yr




% carbon


lbs/cu ft C sediment


lbs carbon/yr


Gt Carbon runoff /yr

(Rough estimates)


This is a crude thumbnail for rivers, flows, turbidity, sediment and weight.

It is small percentage of the total but helps to correct the overall total below.



CO2 output



gt c




gt c / yr


sequestered runoff

Fossil fuel



Gt fish carbon extracted





Gt C flux total









The 15.18 Gt of runoff is also added to ocean input but 80% (est.) is sequestered in sediment.

Here runoff is biota returned to the sea, not plain rainwater which cycles much more CO2 annually.

Other assumptions, sediment about 15% carbon, (about 1 inch of sediment per 120 foot column of river)

The carbon remainder must be ocean absorption (in theory)

To prove this we can calculate the contribution to acidity.

Calculating Remainder Contribution to Surface Acidity:

8.07 =LOG10(322*10^6*5280^3*64/(6.088*10^12*2000)*(44/18)*(10^5.69)/(400/1.66)/10.4)

The remainder of carbon from the chart above shows that about 6 gigatons of CO2 equivalent carbon is absorbed.

The equation computes Ocean pH from the excess carbon/yr based on the derived constants and known measurements above.

That is exactly what we would expect, based on the annual increase in atmospheric Carbon!

Thus, the Equivalence of land and sea biota is perfect.

Land and sea are two equal organisms in nature. Even now they are balanced.

The P value:

We can calculate a P value from the pH difference.

The average of the first two pH minus the third pH times the runoff divided by the total flux.

This is (10^.00524-1)*6.088/116 or P<(.00063) for the Equivalence hypothesis.


Ocean and Atmosphere CO2 & pH



The above study has a 10.4 factor of buffering.

This matches the Biomass ratio of fish and plankton.

Pratt 1995 shows 10.48 as the biomass ratio of producers to consumers.

Measurements show 1 / 10.4 of sea life is producing CO2.


The pK value used here suggests a Sea Surface Multiplier of about 1.78

This is because the surface is more acidic and surface pH was used.


Tuning The Equation:

Tuning biota difference to match pH of the first two equations (8.0713) gives absorbtion of 6.17 Gt

This corresponds to a pH error of P<(.00006) and a scale error of P<(.0007)


An Earth Chart.

How much of the planet is asphalt and concrete?

Here,s what we have to work with.


Quantum Gravity(Sheridan equations)

In 2011 I began a series of equations to describe the solar system.

They are not like other equations because they relate to the intrinsic order of the planets.

Here's an example:

Earth radius * Moon radius
-------------------------------- = PI^2

Sun radius

This enigmatic equation tells us something amazing. The equation relates to gravity and space and the formation of the planets.

It predicts a gravity radius of earth which has been confirmed as the height of Mt. Everest.

Radius varies based on the type of wave form.

I say quantum gravity because these are not dynamic equations.

They simply show values that form naturally. And they do not appear ergotic. (more on that later)

As a scientist I need credit for them. They are not in the literature. They relate to momentum and probability.

Another example:

Sun radius * Earth radius

------------------------------ = 2PI

Lunar apex * Moon radius

This equation relates the height of the moon. It correlates to the amount of dust which accretes on the moon annually.?

The percentage increase in the moon radius correlates directly to the annual increase in height of the moon orbit.
While there may be other dualistic explanations for these events. That does not disprove the quantum equations.
It proves them. Remember they are not dynamic they are existential. They result from the balance of nature.
These are a lot of fun. They are based on my understanding of quantum gravity and general relativity.
They will have a giant impact on modern physics because they help to unify what we know about nature.

These equations will spur research in solar science also. More on that later.

Sheridan Publishes the Life Equation 2011:
(Simplifies the Drake Equation for more accuracy)

The Number of planets with inteligent life is:

% stars with elements above
helium (metalicity), times

% stars sun size or smaller
(they last more than a few billion years), times

% earth sized planets (large enough for h2 retention (water),
small enough not to be all CO2 runnaway greenhouse), times

%habitable zone (ice vs greenhouse), times

The number of stars in the galaxy.

That's it. There is an exact number.

Because life will develop whenever the basic conditions are right.
But half have not done it yet.

On the earth, it happened in about a half billion years or less.
(the bible does not say it happened 6 thousand years ago, thats 'interpretation')
(see my noah flood paper 'ages of the patriarchs for that')

Sexual reprodcution seems to have taken a couple billion years more.
Then, a half billion years ago the cambrian explosion saw a prolipheration of creatures.
Shapes began to mutate.
Very few worlds are destroyed by massive impact because the planets
become stable long before life evolves. Intelligent life is not wiped out
even by its self because a few people ways survive.
Super nova can cause surface killing light.
But the radiation lasts only long enough to kill half a planet.
It cannot penitrate through the rocky crust.
So the biblical prophasey in Mathew 24:40 seems to be likley for many places.
"two will be ploughing the field and one will be taken"

Even if we fill the world with CO2, we would just make air scrubbers and more solar.
Even if we over populate, we will just thin out in conflagrations and die-offs.
Over-population is a concern though. Technology makes it ever more possibe.

My current estimate, combining many different calculations is about 32^4.
Pick a star and one in a million is an inteligent life planet.
Though that might not happen for a few billion years.
Or it may have happened a few billion years ago.
Ten thousand years of human history is just a blip.

Thanks for your support.

To other scientists, Please try not to claim credit for my work.

I am publishing because I have been massively attacked, pirated
and cheated on all search engines and ignored by most magazines.

(7 Estimates)

The Internet Bill of Rights is available here.
This contains the most up-to-date issues of internet fairness and YOUR RIGHTS.
Please note this is factual and not prejarative to anyone.
If you have a problem with it then you are a racial terrorist.
(Racisim is theft not color.)

Humanity needs this Bill of Rights.
Thanks to Brazil and Italy for their work in ratifying this in their countries.

The problem of American Education

Ask Jeves


News Sites:
NBC News
ABC News
CBS News
RT News

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