The Ages of the Patriarchs
The Santorini Volcano and the Noah Flood
Modern Science Reveals the Precise Day of the Noah Flood.

By Timothy Sheridan

In 1630BC the Santorini Volcano erupted and caused the largest disaster in human history. Analysis of biblical records indicate that it confirms the date of the Noah Flood.

This research began with the first 19 "patriarchs" in the book of Genesis, which lists the ages when each gave birth to the next generation. Careful examination indicates that the ages are triple for those which precede Noah and normal after Noah. Yet Noah himself is about 12 times the age of those who follow him. This is because Noah used the Lunar Calendar. And those before him had a Three Festival Year.

The ancient world had an Egyptian calendar with a 360 day year which was followed by 5 days where they waited for the rise of the star Sirius to begin the new year. Thus in Adam's day (yes Adam was a person who was probably thrown out of the king's garden for poaching his favorite tree) ages appear to have been recorded by how many festivals you attended. This meant that, if you were born a day before the festival, then you were '1/3 year' old on day two. (An alternative hypothesis suggests that parents may have neglected to bring newborns to such festivals about 28% of the time. And on another model we hypothesize that no child was ever called zero years old. Thus adding a whole year right away. But because total ages are recorded as integers the .5 disappears (on average).

Averaging the generation spans from Adam to Abraham's father we arrive at a time span per generation. Thus we can count backward from the Birth Of Christ, because the old testimate lists all 60 generations from Adam to Jesus who's birth, which is known to be in in 5BC (-4.81yrs)(because there is no zero year) because the Nova (Hui) Star which appears at his birth was recorded by Chinese astronomers as March 10 in 5BC. [*]

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Counting backward gives roughly 1630, when Noah was 600 (moons) old.

This matches the Tree-Ring Data showing 'global cooling' from the Santorini Volcano in the same year.

(Although Ireland appears to have had a warm spell or is slightly later.)

Flood Day:
The Beginning of the year was the rise of Sirius but that was more than 3600 Years ago. The procession of the earth's axis (from Wikipedia) is 25,772 years, so as we process forward, Sirus rises earlier.. so we add 51.5 days from roughly July 12 nowadays. (about 5:32 in the morning) then we add the 77 days for the "17th day of the second month". (30 day Assyrian months) Thus adding (51.13+77) = 128.5 days after July 12 or November 17th (1631 BC).
This agrees precisely with tree ring data. It shows the cooling beginning just before the start of 1630BC.

In close agreement with the data!

Obviously the average generation span should be slightly off statistically. But the numbers align extremely well. And the offset is extremely small.
Gen.    Date In yrs     Origin  Patriarch   Birth age  Death    moons per   Birth Age (yrs)
1    -1936.42    0    Adam        130    930    4.14612        43.33
2    -1893.09    43.33    Seth        105    912    4.14612        35.00
3    -1858.09    78.32    Enosh        90    815    4.14612        30.00
4    -1828.09    108.32    Kenan        70    910    4.14612        23.33
5    -1804.76    131.65    Mahalalel    65    895    4.14612        21.66
6    -1783.10    153.31    Jared        162    962    4.14612        54.00
7    -1729.11    207.31    Enoch        65    365    4.14612        21.66
8    -1707.44    228.97    Methusela    187    969    1        15.03
9    -1692.41    244.00    Lemech        182    777    1        14.63
10    -1677.78    258.63    Noah        500    950    1        40.20
11    -1637.58    298.83    Shem        100    600    4.14612        33.33
12    -1604.26    332.16    Arpachshad    35    438    12.43835    34.99
13    -1569.27    367.15    Shela        30    406    12.43835    29.99
14    -1539.28    397.13    Eber        34    464    12.43835    33.99
15    -1505.30    431.12    Peleg        30    239    12.43835    29.99
16    -1475.31    461.10    Reu        32    239    12.43835    31.99
17    -1443.33    493.09    Serug        30    230    12.43835    29.99
18    -1413.34    523.07    Nahor        29    148    12.43835    28.99
19    -1384.36    552.06    Terah        70    205    12.43835    69.99
20    -1315.09    622.39    Abarham        (32.76)    175    (unreported)    (32.76 average)    

Flood Date= -1629.54 (1630.54 BC) (this was an earlier calculation)
(600 Moons after Noah's birth.) Shem was about 8 yrs old.
Partial year correction .1177 (units/generation) About 3.79 days per generation.
The tree ring data suggests adding the extra year to late 1631. so the correction
would add 1/60 or .0166 for a total generation span correction of .134366 giving about 32.89 solar years per generation. Generational spans High Mean Low Stdev 69.9 32.73 14.6 12.63
Gen 7:11 ...In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on the same day all the fountains of the great deep burst open, and the floodgates of the sky were opened...
The Day of the flood:
My Earlier calculation seems to have been incorrect. I had the rise of Sirius in about June 22 and subtracted 50.4 degrees of orbital procession around the sun, (the earth's oval path around the sun drifts around in a 26,000 cycle with 51.1 days earlier rising for Sirius (then instead of now) Incorrectly giving may 2 as the start of the 16th century BC Babylonian year. (instead of (about September 1) Adding the 47 days for the biblical flood date, '17th day of the second month', (instead of the correct 77 (60+17) days) and getting an incorrect June 18 for the Great Flood. Or 1630.54 BC... Eventually I review this stuff.

The Corrected November 17th 1631BC Data actually Agrees with the Global Tree Ring Data. Very well. Astronomers can use more sophisticated methods to detect the precise rising time for Sirius in 1631 to verify the date. But Noah Seems to have known the day and month quite clearly when He wrote his Ship Log. This might have been part of normal commerce on his Barges (if he had others).

The changing calendars for different biblical patriarchs had not previously been accounted but hopefully scholars will try to match known Babylonian records. These events appear to have followed the famous King Hammurabi and take place during a period of many damaged records.

This tells us that the Noah Story is not just a folk yarn. It is a ship's log by a brilliant builder and business person who saved his family through an apparently Divine Event.

Gen 7:10 It came about after the seven days (after loading the arc), that the water of the flood came upon the earth. [*]

It seems Noah was somewhat famous in his day. Sumerian tablets embellished his story in two other forms calling him "Atra Hasis" or "Utna Pishtim" however they do not give the precise details of the flood. They appear to embelish with other more heroic tales of kings or Adam a man from nature called Enkinu".

But one part of the embellished tales does ring true. It seems 'Atra Hasis' was from a town in western Iraq called Shuruppak, Iraq. (Latitude: 31.7731 Longitude: 45.5059). The name means Place of healing. (One wonders what else happened there.) This would place the Arc in the western part of the Great Sea that formed from Santorini. So Noah would have drifted Eastward as a result of the prevailing trade winds. (I had hypothesized the western iraq origin. So the legend is actually confirmation. But a little calculating will show that a slight breeze would propel the arc about 60 miles to the east in the time allotted.)

From this it is not hard to locate the resting place of the arc. Local legend (the koran) also lists its resting place as the town of Juti, However in modern day that may simply be the eastern hills of the town of Kut which is to the north east.

It is my hope that this modern technical analysis will strengthen faith in our world and help us to accept ancient wisdom, adhere to kindness and revere Gods roll in human events.

Prais and thans to god.

Tim Sheridan
(written cir 2013, posted mar 2017)

Aditional Facts about the Flood.

The Santorini Event:
An estimate was done of the Santorini Volcano being about 5 miles wide and virtually all steam for 40 days would lift an enormous amount of water into the air. (even cool water vapor is much lighter than air so it was a tremendous vacuum and fast rising column.) That water would drift eastward into the Ararat Mountain range where it would the precipitate in the higher elevation filling the Euphrates and tigress river basin.

Because Lower Iraq is flat as a pancake, (actually flatter, with only 26 foot hills and perhaps 30 foot trees) the 100 mile region between rivers would produce a lake. The account suggests about 25 to 50 Mile wide lake up to 65 feet deep.

The Santorini volcano was essentially a cauldron of steam about Pi*(2.5*5280ft)^2 square feet. If water loss was 1/2 foot per hour (a slow boil) for 40 days. Then the total would be 1137 square miles at 65 feet depth. (This not counting extra precipitation from ash in the air.

But, the boiling rate should be much higher than a stove fire (density of .006 ft. (stove gas 3542 C) vs super heated rock and ash (122 Lbs/cu ft and several thousand degrees) The boiling rate of superheated rock against water should be much faster than what we normally see in the kitchen.) The direct contact of superheated rock and water. Estimating 25 Cubic Miles of ash ejected into the air. And a ratio of 122/64 for rock density and water. The Heat transfer could be as high as 80% and thus enough dozens of cubic miles of water. Enough for a 58 mile wide sea. (Plus precipitation from the regional cooling and cloud seeding from ash. It was a lot of rain.

Estimating a boiling rate of a 5 mile circle of water which flowed inward at about 1 foot of water every 3 seconds and a 100 foot depth for the water would lift enough water for a 100 mile wide lake 65 feet deep.

If the main cauldron was only 4 sq miles. And the ash/gas rose at 150 feet per second at 2.2lbs/cu yard and mixed with water to produce 50% steam conversion by weight. The result might be:
SQR(4 (miles^2) *36*60^2*24*40* (feet ash) .5(conversion)*2.2/27/64(water per ash) /65(est. ft. depth))
A 69 mile wide lake 65 ft deep.

These are just rough estimates. But it is clear that a massive flood was precisely recorded by month and day. And that the water covered both hills and trees. And rose for weeks and then receded over a similar time period.

Geologic Evidence:
Sediment layers in the Euphrates river valley show a milometer or two per year but one layer is about ten feet thick and deposited all at once. Scientists had been reticent to credit this with a single flood because carbon dates vary. This is because the region has many oil deposits and surface carbon seeps down through the soil at different rates depending on rainfall or absorption (a swamp may have low permeation while a dry region may have rain seeping down all the time.) So the carbon measurements would show the history of water permeability in the soil. but the fact that the entire layer was deposited at one time does support the massive deluge.

Alternate age models:
In another model we preserve Methusela's longevity placing him on the 1/3 year cycle. But the older Jered is given a lunar calendar.
Birth year'        first child    death    moons per 'division'    child birth
-1941.80    Adam        130    930    4.146125        43.18
-1898.62    Seth        105    912    4.146115        34.85
-1863.77    Enosh        90    815    4.146115        30.00
-1833.77    Kenan        70    910    4.146115        23.18
-1810.58    Mahalalel    65    895    4.146115        21.52
-1789.07    Jared        162    962    1            12.99
-1776.08    Enoch        65    365    4.146115        21.52
-1754.56    Methusela    187    969    4.146115        62.18
-1692.38    Lemech        182    777    1            14.60
-1677.78    Noah        500    950    1            40.16
-1637.62    Shem        100    600    4.14612            33.18
-1604.43    Arpachshad    35    438    12.43835        34.55
-1569.88    Shela        30    406    12.43835        29.55
-1540.33    Eber        34    464    12.43835        33.55
-1506.78    Peleg        30    239    12.43835        29.55
-1477.23    Reu        32    239    12.43835        31.55
-1445.68    serug        30    230    12.43835        29.55
-1416.13    nahor        29    148    12.43835        28.55
-1387.58    Terah        70    205    12.43835        69.55
-1318.02    Abarham        (32.83)    175    (unreported)        32.83

Flood Date= -1629.54  (1630.54BC) Noah + 600 Moons.
Integer correction factor -.4487 subtracting nearly 1/2 'unit' on average.
(Born 1 year old and use of birth days.) Error is about 3.39 days per generation.

    Generational spans    
High    Low    Stdev
69.6    13.0    13.60

It may be that the ages were computed from grain records. So the age after a couple childbirths may have grown twice as fast. This woudl explain the less clear "after numbers". Longevity: Longevity in the first model is as follows:

Adam        0.48    74.21
Seth        0.48    66.15
Enosh        0.48    57.98
Kenan        0.48    55.76
Mahalalel    0.48    53.70
Jared        0.48    84.88
Enoch        0.48    33.25
Methusela    0.48    45.21
Lemech        0.48    37.59
Noah        0.48    57.57
Shem        0.48    52.63
Arpachshad    1.372    79.50
Shela        1.372    71.52
Eber        1.372    81.48
Peleg        1.372    53.08
Reu        1.372    54.86
Serug        1.372    52.09
Nahor        1.372    42.15
Terah        1.372    84.92
Abarham        2    55.63

High    Low    Stdev
84.9    33.2    15.33

And, the second model with same increments:

        Moons per cycle after birth    Total age
Adam        0.48                74.06
Seth        0.48                65.99
Enosh        0.48                57.98
Kenan        0.48                55.60
Mahalalel    0.48                53.55
Jared        0.48                43.86
Enoch        0.48                33.09
Methusela    0.48                92.36
Lemech        0.48                37.56
Noah        0.48                57.53
Shem        0.48                52.48
Arpachshad    1.37                79.03
Shela        1.37                71.05
Eber        1.37                81.01
Peleg        1.37                52.62
Reu        1.37                54.40
serug        1.37                51.62
nahor        1.37                41.69
Terah        1.37                84.45
Abarham        2                55.69

High    Low    Stdev
92.4    33.1    16.08
Additional Corrections are needed to form a statistically normal longevity.
These indicate some social changes may have occurred after the flood.
In an earlier model they suggests that Methusla's famed longevity may have only
been later a record based myth. And that Terah may have lived longer.

The data suggest that Fathers achieved a new status or roll and recorded ages
at a different rate.

The total longevity would be based on the age of the first born.
So these are tentative and inexact data. But the pre and post flood rates produce
a roughly normal age distribution.

A clue:
In model 1 Methusela to Noah are on the lunar calendar.
Here the lunar calendar is used for the Lunar group.
Here Longevity for methusela reaches the Great Flood if Lunar calendar is used.

Adjusting for pre and post Lunar calendar to ages 62 and 60.7 respectively gives:
Adam        0.5    75.49
Seth        0.5    67.43
Enosh        0.5    59.14
Kenan        0.5    57.09
Mahalalel    0.5    55.03
Jared        0.5    86.15
Enoch        0.5    33.72
Methusela    1    77.90Yrs. Matches Noah at 600 Moons.
Lemech        1    62.47
Noah        1    76.38
Shem        1    73.53
Arpachshad    0.5    51.18
Shela        0.5    45.10
Eber        0.5    51.27
Peleg        0.5    38.38
Reu        0.5    40.30
serug        0.5    38.02
nahor        0.5    33.77
Terah        0.5    75.41
Abarham        2?    55.61

High    Mean    Low    Stdev
86.2    57.67    33.7    16.27

The reason for the half moon cycle may well have been that ages were double
credited for fathers after childbirth. Thus we would need to factor the age at
first birth for a more accurate estimate. It would have appeared that people
did live longer before the flood.  Although Tera came very close.


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