The existence of God

As a scientist, one may question the existence of God. But it is helpful to get one's terms correct.
we live in "space time" where things churn and become complex. Yet "Existence", has no explanation. If we "start" with "nothing", there is no room for creation. And no law to create it.
So the fact that the universe is here, is proof enough that God is also real. That he is beyond "space time", beyond "creation", and, as 'he' says in the bible, "There is none like me."
This is perhaps easier because we must admit that the 'existence' of 'non existence' is simply contradictory. Hence everything should exist. Including God.
Quantum mechanics tells us this. Basically there is a small probability of everything. But what about before everything? It's not an equation that decides. The Universe is a particular way. A leaf is in a particular spot. Everything appears to have been specifically chosen from the vast realm of (non existent) possibility. Why are things exactly this way? The choice of the universe being this way, is unexplainable without God who made the endless choices.

So, Reality implies a past. But,
Existance --> God

In quantum mechanics the world exists as a wave of "possibilities", or alternate realities. But look at what this says. That even though the realities are not all 'present', they are all interfering with one another. This mind boggling reality is simply "all possibilities" filtered against one another. In a sense, exactly what you'd expect from God. Things have been thought through in a way we cannot even express on paper. The totality of all possibilities, constantly interacting. And we only see the probability, not the actual 'cause' for anything. That is a layer below quantum mechanics. It is "fate".

But there's more.

Near Death Experiences and Visions

All over the world, thousands of people are injured, die, and then get revived.

We shouldn't call them "Near" Death Experiences. They Died. Its really a "Post Resurrection Account".

They all report the same things.

They Report, being outside their body, seeing the world, seeing others who are not from this world. Seeing Jesus, seeing a Bright Light and, in some cases.. seeing a red light in the other direction.
In short, thousands of unrelated people simply report Heaven, hell and Jesus after Death and resurrection. Some people have visions and they also report a throne room, idealistic paradise and other orders and structures. And their dead loved ones.
Normally we might account these experiences to 'dreams'. But we also know that dreams have a strange predictive power. Something appears to be going on.

I would encourage everyone to study the videos that detail these "visions and near death experiences". Because the "existential physics" suggests that God demands our acceptance of his love and obedience to principles that are governed by "his law" in the "existential realm".

Your effect on others is a spiritual connection. On "the other side", people report simply thinking of a place, and being there instantly.
Yet, the things we do to others appear connected to our "thinking desires". Harm others and we may get stuck in a timeless dimension of regret, 'connected' to the results of our actions.

For this reason, many people are called upon by 'God' or someone who is closer to him than we are, to think correctly about him. What can we call this being who connects us to the all encompassing Universal Everywhere-God, someone who could just talk to you, the way a person might talk to a puppy.
Historians believe this was Jesus. Someone who by chance (universal choice) was simply connected to god. We know people get psychic connections in other areas. Knowing when a family member is injured or sensing a great flood is near or other intuitions. It is reasonable to assume that one in many billions of people was simply born connected like no other..

People are called to explain this deep need to accept God's existence, to Love god. And to be kind. If you did not accept, then you might be drawn to a reality where his kindness is missing. Worse, you might need a near death experience to straighten out your perspective. Jesus said "blessed are those who have believed and have not seen". And the evidence looks like near-deathers 'see' a lot.

Is God the universe?

What if god were the whole universe ? If god is not the universe then what is in between us and god? Empty space? Space is still the universe. If there is something in between, then we are connected to him. If there is nothing in between, then nothing separates us. Look at the universe. Its his game. His laws. But history can be broken. If you change yesterday.. then you change today. If you act imperfectly. Then the future is lesser. But if the future can chage, it must also change the past. Are we slipping from one history to another? We would be unaware because each history is logically correct in its self? Perhaps sin leaves the future and past fractured. Changed. Different from perfection.

In physics we refer to the 'many worlds' "interpretation". Its not a "theory". Its a fact and we don't really understand it.

We dont know 'what' chooses one world possibility over another. There is no mechanism in quantum mechanics. But the feeling of the possibility may be the arbitrator. Perhaps the world that feels best is choosen. But there is still room for sin or error. Each of us has a feel and makes choices. And the timeline of each choice clearly acts as a law. Make the wrong turn and you end up somewhere else. Usually.. unless the world line demands something else. If the body has a feeling then the world must have a feeling. It is also made of matter. Perhaps that feeling is relatively inconsequential. or perhaps it is pure perfection. Have you ever been a leaf on a tree? Yet even if the world is constantly choosing the perfect joy, the errors make it different from that.. Even the choice of perfection might come with equally perfect options. Are spiritual "feelings" choosing the path of reality?

We can imagine Joy and not joy. Then Joy with lamborgini, or joy with icecream. It is generally believed these extras distract us. But there is a joy to eating only because of the pain of hunger. So maybe needing things is a painfull trade off in our dimention. But Visions and Near Death Experiences indicate that this is not the only dimention.

We imagine that history is frozen in 4 dimensional time. So the big bang is still there and the whole unchanging universe is just like a series of still photos on a long reel. So the past and future are a series of connected waves.

But Waves in what ?

We can only say that the waves are rippling in some medium. Quantum waves travel like air waves. but air waves travel at the speed of sound because of atoms banging around. And atoms exist because of light waves that are still faster. What then is the carrier wave of light?

I ask you to bow your head and confess. I don't know.
We believe it is simply God who is all encompassing. Never ending. All loving. And just.


Physics only begins to outline the matter. We feel things too. We are not just inanimate objects. We perceive and perception is not empty collisions between atoms. There is a "feeling" with the action. How can a molecule feel love or see a rainbow? There is another existence beyond things. And god is the source of that too.

The many-worlds theory in physics places us in a hall of mirrors world of possible realities. Possible futures and possible pasts. And the fact of perception or feeling places us in a world of myriad sensations, some good and some evil. It is god who rescues us.

An all encompassing, all knowing, all possibilities Love would send someone to save us from our selves. But we have to play by the rules. They are his rules. Not our random fixations, like boose, or sleepless partying or clandestine cheating. He will know what you are doing to yourself and to others.

Who to trust

Most people can hardly believe the stories of the bible. But if one connects one's self with the infinite love of god. Literally, "asking" to be shown. Then things will begin to happen. Dreams, visions or even speech. Many people report being told. "Her illness is healed" or "He wont die". God does not need to interfere much. He's perfect, he inspires us, he selects the quantum choices that make us. But many report, he does communicate sometimes. Its foolish to ignore the bible when we know that a lot of people see things from a higher dimension. How can we measure that? Which books should we read?

For that we need to look at the big picture. Some authors are sublime. others are repetitive. This is just a casual essay looking at the most interesting facts. The bible is a compilation of things drempt over, fraught for, bled for, cared for, for thousands of years. The words of Jesus are not printed in red for nothing. They are deep and profound and sensible in ways that not everyone appreciates. But the bulk of scholars and most respected ones see "the light".

History if full of greater thinkers, better people and more experienced lives.

De Ja Vous

We already exist in spirit form. And we are often shown things in dreams. It appears likely that many phenomenon, which could have other explanations, are in fact spiritual in nature.

There are many reports of healing. And those are often described as 'demons' (whatever that is) which can be banished under the power of Jesus. I think we often get healed, or miss injuries and don't realize we are guarded. But 'near deathers' do report that we have guardian angels. Some suggest these are our spiritual selves, others that they are made by god before the universe (or before the earth). These beings seem to call upon various forces emanated by the 'KNOWING UNIVERSAL ALL' which can simply alter matter or time to change disease or injuries.

I once had a dream where I appeared in a classroom. I was sitting and watching a lecture. This occurred in seconds. The lecturer asked some question. what are the blah bla blah.. And the answer pounded on my consciousness as though I was remembering it. "God cannot be described, explained or understood." I have no idea why this dream happened. It was over as quickly as it began. But I guess that's why we have Jesus. Its god's way of being 'with' us, and not just a force of creation and coincidence.


There are many reports of spontaneous remission of disease, but also remarkable awakenings (from the morgue) or even metal plates disappearing from injured bodies. Of course this essay is not intended to convince anyone of these, "potential lies". My goal is to report the undeniable fact of the existential nature of reality. That it MUST have such strange quantum activities, that there is a carrier wave and many moments in time which create a nexus of mind and life and a structure to time. And that there is another realm of feeling which commands with these.

The Universe

Some have seen the other side. If we are lucky then we have never needed a near death experience. But Scientists also look into the past with telescopes and they report that the universe exploded from a Big Bang. In 4 dimensional space time. So that big bang is still there, an dense ULTRA BRIGHT CENTER OF ALL CREATION. Doesn't that sound like a nice place for a Throne room? If you were a spiritual being and not subject to the problem of being vaporized by super energetic wave-plasma?

We do not know what physics could allow a black hole as big as the Universe to explode into the stars and galaxies. Perhaps it is a choice. But in 4 dimensional time, that place is still there. A place of minimum entropy, of perfection, superlative light, embracing the totality of existence, a controlling origin, a loving parent of all.

I do not know if the throne is there. Or if the big bang is just one stipple of an infinite canvas. But it's logically consistent for the non believer, who may wish to become closer to God, and his local 'earth son' Jesus (Yeshua). (It has to be somebody) Time or name seem to matter little. Someday each of us can ask: "So was that you, the one in the bible ?" But I think its better to just accept his words, recorded mostly by Thomas 'the doubter' who appears to have written the sayings of Jesus (this was found in the dead sea scrolls "Gospel of Thomas") Thomas seems to have helped the others to recall all the stories we now have.

Jesus said, "If it were not so i would have told you."

Perhaps some will honor God by never believing what they cannot see. But we all experience pain and pleasure. And we know it is Good to help and bad to harm. So we must accept that. Weather we accept recourse for our actions or the forgiveness of Christ, by thinking and acting in accordance with existential connectedness that leads us to the Good Place and not the Bad, we WILL Someday see.

I hope this cosmologist's discussion is interesting to you and helps you find the beauty of creation and God's personal love for you.

Our best understanding is that he created a man "most like him" who greatly cares for us and wants us to accept the rules, that you don't get many messages from the other side, that they can be costly, but that he will speak to those who love him and try to help him "raise his children". Any reasonable person would have to accept that we are children of the universe. But God seems to be the Father and not the grandfather because he is everything and everywhere. And i think he wants all of us to be happy and to know him.

Timothy Sheridan

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