The Aids Gene - Social genetics and human evolution. Clock

The Aids Gene - Social Genetics and human Evolution

Nov 26, 2018

Chinese Researchers reports genetically altering a human embryo to prevent susceptibility to aids. But Equally remarkable is that the gene had to be turned off.

This breakthrough sheds light on the possibility that human evolution might owe its existence to a similar social mechanism. What good is aids? And how is this gene preserved in the human species? It appears to be clear evidence of Social Genetics, where not all favorable genes help the individual. Social genetics would somehow help the society.

If human groups that get aids are deleting behaviors that are generally harmful to the species, such as those which catch other social diseases or waste effort on non productive matings, then the groups with this gene are at an advantage because they periodically delete whole sets of genes which catch aids.

But another equally interesting perspective is that we might owe our origin to lethal pathogens. If a gene for aids arose in an intelligent species then it would prevent breeding with other species which might harbor the disease. Thus we only became human after separating from the HIV baring primates. This would take place early on when the species was only just able to split off from earlier primates. Cross breeding would have been possible then.

So now that we are a full fledged intelligent technological species, among mere apes. We now have the ability to shed this harmful gene, at last.

But will we loose valuable genes to aids when the disease is removed. Instead of one risky individual dieing there can be many who get the disease through normal contact.

If the Aids gene separated us from the animal kingdom signal human kind has finally become a non animal species? Or does it mean we are now back where we started, with no kill switch for the evolution of dangerous or unproductive behaviors?

The Social genetics may never play out. If the planet is so technically capable, then we may never see the problem effects of a 'aids immune' species. Instead it will be just one more advancement that eliminates hardship in the human species.

Is it a thing that God has long wanted to turn off. and now we have embarked on a new epoch of human tolerance and freedom? Or is it a warning that evolution has had a much longer time to think about this 'seemingly bad' feature.

It may be a long time before we know. Does mankind need aids? We don't live in evolutionary time periods. we are her and gone in 100 years. But future generations will know. Weather it was a scourge that took centuries, or a blessing that unfolded quickly.

Obviously children who are susceptible to aids are now genetically inferior to those with the gene turned off. But it will take years to learn if the gene had someone other purpose.

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