The Crucification Eclipse

The Crusifixion Eclipse

A Unifyied Theory of Time.

The Story of the Eclipse of the Crucifixion is well documented. Both in scripture dutifully protected for centuries and now in the most advanced eclipse tables known to man.

Nasa compiled a record of all eclipses from ancient times to the present. And has calculated with exceptional accuracy the speed of rotation based on many ancient sightings which indicate the precise alignment of the earth at different periods in time. So the spin of the earth is known very well. And this gives us a record of the year 29 Eclipse.

In Mark it says "at the 6th hour (Noon) darkness fell over the land", And it did. According to the Nasa tables the Totality was only 250 miles from Jerusalem. The Moon is 2160 miles wide. So, according to the tables, it was virtually total. The position of the sun in the tables shows an eclipse of about 3 hours and 33 minutes. The longest eclipses are nearly 3 hours 40 minutes. So there is little doubt that this was the biblical eclipse.

Anecdotal evidence indicates that the Romans had a 40 day waiting period for a condemned man to be brought to court. Thus Jesus, being transferred 5 times waited 200 days before that day. And this agrees with the calendar references for his passover arrest that year.

So we have the passover arrest, the 200 days and the November 24th Eclipse being exactly as described. The long ordeal of the trials was not left out of the bible. But the great waiting periods were. It was just a sadness shared by apostles and his family. And by the many who witnessed his miracles. The stunning sadness must have been overwhelming. And governments never acting as they should, what cynicism there must have been. We should be mindful of how foolish the institutions of of man can be.

I found the eclipse in about 2012 when I began working on a theory that the eclipse may have been total. My hypothisis is that the earth was still flattening from the ice ages. So it was spinning more slowly, more depressed at the polar caps and still oozing back in into shape. The slower moving earth meant that when we turn back the times the earth rotates backwards 1884 times, with Jerusalem passing under the point of totality, it woudl not rotate past it as far leaving totality right over the city. This is still a possibility! The curves used to fit the changing rotation are several so not perfect yet. The change in distance was expected to be 235 miles. Out of roughly 350 miles. And the distance to totality would have been only 72 miles. It remains to be seen if there is any correction factor.

It may be much smaller because Nasa uses several equations to extrapolate between the different eras of known eclipses. However a single equation should correctly express the sum of the data. That equation would be a combination of a Sinusoidal wave equation for the ice age, a geometric progression for the earth flattening, and an exponential for human impact on the environment. I do not have the data and such an exercise would be laborious. But it could give a slightly more accurate eclipse table. The difference may be very small though.

I hope this exercise in history is illuminating and that it helps us all to remember gods supreme role in our lives. Many people dismiss theology as too speculative but anyone who has studied reports of "near death experiences" (see youtube Timothy Sheridan)can tell you there is a lot of detail to visions of the other side. And while logic about creation often fails our understanding. How could there be something before there was anything? How could the universe be "created" The Universe came from somewhere. And the mysteries are beyond time and literally eternal.

Timothy Sheridan

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