S.S. United States - Economics

Economic overview


Developing the S.S. United States makes good Economic sense. The Ship can easily create an extra million dollars per year in visits. And hundreds of millions in advertizing for the port and the region.

The City and State have unused piers.

The State currently gets about 360,000 per year from Charitable donations to the ship. The Ship currently gets nothing. No maintenance, no appreciable visits and no improvements.

Ship visits will add millions of dollars to Philadelphia jobs and tourism. But it will also free the 700,000 (port fee) to support for our Dry-docks who keep the worlds fleets working. This makes Philadelphia an attractive shipping route and tourist destination. One 10$ visit to the ship could translate into hundreds of dollars in hotels and dinners. And the Dry-docks can use the extra cash to modernize and help longshoremen who need the extra jobs and income.

Port Shipping has been up in recent years. A move to an unused pier could give pier 82 the opportunity to bring in several extra ships per month which would earn much more then the current situation. Modern cargo Ships carry thousands of containers which must be off loaded and transported for a few hundred dollars, far exceeding the ship's 60,000 per month dock fee.

The commercial dock fee is actually inappropriate for a non- profit ship, which earns no money at all. Its basically 'the people's ship' and should rightly rest at 'the people's unused docks' without a fee. However, this does not appear to be in maritime law.
The S.S. United States is a unique ship and needs a unique arrangement.

While State tax on an extra Million per year in ship visits (and another million per year in hotels would not recoup 360,000, it would generate both sales tax and income tax totaling about a half.
(Dollars circulate multiple times per year.)

The Federal Government will, however, recoup an extra 360,000 per year from added ship attendance and gifts in addition to increaced tourisim. (And donations to the ship will also continue). The port contractor supplying the pier gets a tax adjustment for the donation. And the Federal government would credit PA to account for the increaced economic activity. The State could also offer the port contractor something in exchange for the Pier, a modest contract adjustment.

As a result, the State gains Tremendous Visibility for the Port.
PA will be Hosting the iconic S.S. United States for America, a symbol of our great blessings as a nation and of "the Port of Philadelphia" and Civic cultural experience.

Everybody wins.

The S.S. United States is American Heraldry and needs only minimal assistance to renew its life as a tourist interest point. Supporters supply the Ship, the State supplies the Pier. Donors, visitors and volunteers supply improvements. (The art museum doesn't pay 60,000 per month for it's Water-Works location. Neither should the S.S. United States.) The no-cost lease of an unused pier is not a budget item. They are clearly unused. The state is currently doing a 300 Million dollar port expansion at other wharfs. They can make the trivial contract adjustments.

The S.S. United States is an extraordinary ship. visitors want to marvel at its scale and structure, take a snack and buy a souvenir. School teachers want to tour the decks with their classes, volunteers want to support restoration. These are things the people want. And the people will be able to donate materials and volunteer -- two areas of finance that are presently un-tapped.

The Functioning S.S. United States will sound a call for shipping through the Important Philadelphia, Jersey and Wilmington hubs of the Delaware River. It will open the possibility of federal grants. And the Ship will regain its luster with fresh epoxy marine paint, offering a brilliant view in the Philadelphia experience.

Here's the view on south Columbus.

Operations Introduction.

Timothy Sheridan