This is how corrupt America is now.

I patented the modern vape ("smokeless pipe" us pat 7,415,982)

I also own Copyright on the "EXACT COPY" and "Derivitive copies"
under 17usc113 (see mazer case).
Every tube shaped vape belongs to me, "By law".

But America is 100% corrupt.

The Search engines hide my company. My internet companies delete or impeed my emails.
And wikipedia is programmed to you cant even write my company name.
America then pirates my product.

People say "You should get a LAWYER TO TAKE THE CASE ON CONTINGENCY"
But they dont. Santa clause takes cases on contingency,
but he was really busy with all the toys.

BUT, Even the government is corrupt. I have losses under 17usc506 and 18usc2319.
And I am entitled to claim them under 26usc165. "ANY LOSS"
But the IRS simply ignores my tax returns. Then adds up income but lies about the losses.
They say they dont beleive me. BUT under 26usc7491 they cant say that because I provided evidence.
They are obligated to proove the evidence is fake. But they don't. They can't. They dont care.
Instead, they violate sec6672 and hide my losses.

They just refuse to subtract. (Its really Subversion)

"Oh you should get a lawyer" people say. Yea I went to tax court. Judge Albert G Lauber ignored my
standing 2008 losses, refused to cary them forward under sec 172 and violated 6672 by claiming
that I owe taxes. I can do the same thing. You owe me judge. See how easy that is?

BUT WAIT, THERE"S MORE. I have 145,000$ in overpayments from 2002-2008.
The con-government simply wants to steal the losses. They are OBLIGATED UNDER FEDERAL LAW.
And they just dont care.

Auditor: Kathleen Stewart (if that is a real name) Audited me in november
by phone because I was ill. (A Birthday audit. as usual.)
She hung up the phone 15 times, whenever I mentioned Copyright.
(however I did say both copyright and the websites involved.)
She asked for an "Estimate" which I provided for cir (2009). This turns out to be extreemly accurate.
We know this from later market reports (2013 and 2015). The growth rate was very steady.
(I am available for complex estimate work.)

Apeals agent: Beth Einbinder (if that is a real name) agreed with me!
SHE AGREED. "Yes I am accepting the losses." (I made her repeat this 4 times. on 6/23/13)
BUT THE CORRUPT ADMINISTRATION ignored her and continued the fraud/hate crime/subversion.

So what part of america is working?
In the election, I hear "my son max cant live". But it's a lie. He can live.
I'm the one who can't live. They lied.
Trump said "Some of them are good people" but the opposer said "racist".
(I'm part hispanic and I was not offended.)
I beleive border control is needed to prevent terror and slow the joblessness.
The opposer said "wont build a wall" but, they already did.
It's just crazy talk from an administration of lies.
America is taking crazy pills.
Its a dangerous revolution that must be stopped. (See also improoving schools -this was deleted I restored it 2/8/17).

Part two