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The Ubie, (pronounced "ooh-bee") is the world's smallest vaporizer.   The Ubie is light, fast and efficient. Its the ultimate. Ubie uses clean hot air from a lighter to rapidly release organic aromas. The Ubie automatically controls temperature to release fresh flavors without harsh combustion.
The result is delicious vapor --without harshness!
How-to use the ubie.
How the Ubie works:
The Ubie operates easily.   Warm air above the flame (which is CO2 and H2O) is drawn through the tip and through the material.  The flow of warmth through the tip automatically prevents burning.

How to operate the Ubie:
Place a tiny amount of finely chopped fragrant inside. Replace the mouthpiece. Hold the tube vertically and tap the tube gently to gather the material toward the mouthpeice.  Hold a standard butane lighter flame about 2 cm below the tip when drawing aroma.  After the material becomes exhausted it is easily tapped (with fingernail) to fall out of the cylinder while still warm. Remember, the glass gets hot for a minute, so hold the Ubie by the cool end.

Why is the Ubie the best vaporizers out there?
Works with a lighter.
Heats instantly.
It's portable.
Easy to use.
Provides rich excellent flavor.
Made of precision crafted Pyrex glass.
Other vaporizers still need cleaming eventually.
The similar products are ALL knockoffs of our amazing patented flame-through technology.

Other products like the Ubie:
There are many vaporizers on the market.  The Ubie is a true convection vaporizer and it's portable. 
The Ubie's high efficiency and fresh unburned vapor make it a favorite.

How long does the Ubie last?
The Ubie can be reused indefinitely as long as it is cleaned regularly and not dropped on a hard surface.

Is the Ubie safer than traditional inhaleing?
Vaping is known to be less damaging than "other inhaling".   Others say the Vapes eliminate their cough. 

The U.S. CDC says Vaping is essentially safe with no significant toxicity.

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