The internet bill of rights / constitution. v.1.2.6 (c) Timothy Sheridan 2014

With faith in God,

For several years i have urged the internet to control itself and
it has refused. The problems are many and require imediate attention.

I Abuses
II Facts
III The Suite
IV Your Rights
V Responsibilities
VI Laws of communication
VII The effort ahead
(anchor links above do not work on ipads or phones. Literacy begins with standards)

All the rulles here can be summerized in two key points:

A. No person shall interfere with another's use of the internet,
neither Speech or financial services, nor shall anyone be prevented
from buying or selling or using such services. All must be free and
Equal. Words do not harm. Ideas do not harm.
Actions like Censorship do harm.

B. All search listings must be Equal, random, verifyable and complete.
There is no excuse for putting one listing ahead of another.

It is customary to begin with a list of abuses and usurpations.
Netscape was purchased by aol and services began disappearing from the total
suite of authoring, browsing, email and newsgroups. Then my
internet provider began removing features. First was the pearl engine which no
longer ran my scripts. (I was using pearl to develop a 'wiki' in 97-98.)
Then in 2002 the publish button stopped working in Netscape.
They were attacking the internet.
Then in 2005 they stole my domain name (smoke-right .com). Navpoint gave it away.
and the registrar prevented me from buying it back for 35$.
They would not accept payment. Icann would not comply.
In 2006 telnet disappeared.
Then in 2008 my search listing disappeared completely from google.
(" no such page exists"). Internet magazines hid my ads.
I would buy a continous ad but they were only visible 20% of the time.
One magazine showed my ads, but only to me.
And only the first time i visited the page, unless i clicked twice really fast.
I found paypal delivering disruptive pages that hamper repeat sales.
(because operatives found shopper data more valuable than transaction fees).
Then in 2010 i got on facebook and went public about my work,
inventing web and vapes. And Facebook jammed my ads.
In 2012 i started noticing deleted emails, missing emails.
Sometimes the server would jam preventing me from mailing my newsletter.
Twitter hid my account (theubie) in it's "vape" search.
It showed everyone --except me.
Also 2012 after calling me to "Allow" my losses, the government covered that up
and extorted a large sum of money.
On 9/11/2014 navpoint vandalized my email account.
Then i found that was deleting my company newsletter.
They jammed my newsletter repeatedly with IEDs (improvised exclusion devices).
Chat rooms deleted my posts if I signed them with my name and web address.
They deleted me to force people to buy from them.
Recently i logged onto The next day they were missing.
(404 page not found). A total lie. Others could see it.
I reported all of it to the FBI.

2020, Amid riots and disease, insuegents began disrupting my Paypal

There are irresponsible people controlling the internet.
And many of them belong in jail.

The ten commandments were adequate. Love god, don’t steal, don't lie.
The u.s. bill of rights was adequate.
Free speech, Freedom from search and seizure, Life, liberty, property,
The right to be informed of charges. Equality under the law.
But the internet is brimming with despotic acts of unilateral power.
Controls are needed.

We already have rights under the u.s. constitution. (or your respective countries)
However, a recapitulation is apparently helpful.
The founding fathers of America were Christian. They were educated in
the theology of Jesus and the philosophy of respect for others. That's
how they created the u.s. constitution - for you!

That is how i alone founded the internet- for all. A benevolent act.

I did this when there was only digital telegraph and limited postal
delivery. The Babylonians could send letters. I crafted hypertext for
the network age so we could have full communications and trade.
Now they steal from me and everyone else.

They hunt us on chat rooms to prevent trade. They defraud us with omitted search
listings. They cheat and cripple services. The existing laws should have been
adequate. The market place should have made these services available at ever lower
prices and higher reliability. But the free market failed. People forced it to
fail so they could cheat everyone.
Computers generally work. But the way we use them does not.
And governance is needed.

Government takes time. America was 284 years old when it declared its independence.
And the united states was 12 years old when it got a constitution. It was 25 years
from the invention of the printing press until the first book printed in English.

In the u.s. it is already illegal to "disable an internet service"
(18usc1029) or to use monopolistic power to damage trade (title 15usc2)
But there is apathy and the technology is rigged for theft. The
government is stealing too. They get paid to look the other way while
people defraud you.
Without good early moral training there is chaos and government becomes useless. *
Society must achieve order.

But it cannot understand something it knows nothing about.

II. Facts
First the facts.

I Timothy Brian Sheridan invented the World Wide Web.
I quickly found Email and ftp had already been completed.
But I devised 'hypertext', 'search engines' and 'browsers' in 1987 alone
during 5 years of open-ended research into computing,
information and intelligence. I had written various planetary
simulations, quasi a.i. programs and graphics routines.
I was on my 4th programmable computer. But computers needed a standard
if they were to deliver content.

I delivered the 'declaration of the internet' on April 20 1988
in Washington D.C. in the congressional technology assessment building
at 3rd and D street at about 11 o’clock in the morning. I was there by
train visiting and had asked the meeting be arranged earlier that day.
I spelled out "hypertext" (loading documents from clicked text),
the "browser"(and document editor), "search engines"(hypertext databases),
the "web page" standard, "web servers"(ftp with a new format),
"anchors" (which link to locations on pages), the cgi or gateway
interface for text boxes and "buy" buttons. I explained "hyper mail",
(which is what people use today). I explained the "multi-author web" page
(an unfinished technology which will one day guide humanity if it can be
completed). Currently multi-author web pages are relegated to unfair back-
alley democracy or just hacked. Wikipedia does not work and is not
completed. (Anything of value is cheated. Trade is unfair. It is used
as propaganda for the insurgency against me and others who try to do
business on the internet.)
I told the congressional advisers that the web was "going to happen",
that we "need to be on it" and that it would "need regulation".

I told them "what to build, where to build, how to build and what to call it".
I called it the "world wide web" and, when asked if it was "like the net",
i explained that it would be "inside the net" and called "the world wide web"
or sinply "the inter-net" because it is a network of pages inside
the fledgling net and between people. I asked the technology
staff to discuss this with congress and then contact people who could
easily configure and test prototypes from available tools.
I suggested two places, Cern in Geneva and a university in the US.
Cern had a line from nsf-net so this was a logical choice.
These were symbolic choices.
Cern Represented the "Geneva Convention on prisoners’ rights". Any kid would know that.
I asked the united states to contact them and a university in the U.S.
known for its film lore. (a clue) And to establish a polite international effort
so that the u.s. would not be the only country doing this.
I asked the them to write funding and regulatory bills protecting
the people, who would want to be on the web.

I left the building knowing the job was done. They would email.
It would be understood. And it would be easy to create with existing tools.
I was no longer standing in the way of a billion dollars (per day) of trade
and prosperity.

Then in 92 i emailed the mosaic browser prototypers to add a "back button".
They had forgot the back button. I did this from a friends account at
university of Texas who i asked to look out for the comming browser.

I, alone, invented the internet (of today). And i alone initiated its construction.
In an hour. No other nation, corporation or people did this.
I believe it was a sign of who to ask for help that no other person did this.
They were asked to write proposals, they were told how it worked.
But i created it.

This prescience appears to be due to gifts of great value in this area
My study of artificial intelligence and penchant for complex things,
mathematics, graph theory and many other disciplines all combined with
the christian training of caring for others. Inspiration favors the
prepared mind. My learning algebra when i was 5 years old. The 4
computers and one calculator i owned before this.
All of it lead to this great human event.

I did not spend time with the distributed network of builders
or hanging around in the hundreds of companies that constructed it.
My time and resources are too valuable.
And I would have ended up like Steve Jobs who was ousted the moment
his company came a serious corporation.
What I designed was correct for the time.
I created fair trade globally for nearly a dozen years.
It's a trillion dollars/yr in value and was ten years early.

The internet represents a major change in human language from static to
networked speech. The business of society is conducted through the
internet. It is national and international. It is market place and
political forum. It is scholarship and entertainment.
But the technologies have been abused in every way --even powers to
deliver or police basic services.

The internet must not be monopolized by large companies or cartels. The
internet can only inform and give trade an equal chance. We cannot give
all the space to a few companies without damaging the rights of all. They do not
need it. Large companies can advertise everywhere. They dominate our society. They
cannot cast aside people who turn to the internet for fair unbiased trade or
search. They cannot be at the top more than me --or you.
I am it's inventor.

A note to critics. My 'Browser' is not the internet. It is a convienance to make my
'search engine' easier to use. Much has been made of the thieves of my invention.
They neither invented it or claimed to for 30 years. They are simply heralded falsely
by a network of ‘not for profit’ beggers and go-alongs who con the internet and public.
Their global propaganda has increased recently. But they ignored the other team
which did the Search Engine in the U.S. as I requested.
They also began calling for the internet bill of rights only after I began talking
writing it in 2013. It was not until I had laid pen to paper (and was vocal about it)
that the first use of the term “internet bill of rights” came sounding over the media.
There is no privacy.
And how un-remarkable that they did not write it. And I did. Voila' Again.
Like the invention, naming and launch of the Web. I did it. Again.

Several abriviated copies of this Bill of rights are now circulating. And people have
begun to re-title documents from earlier times. (Some called for no laws at all!)
But My work stands for its self. This text is thorough.
But one can click to the Rights and Laws sections.

Some believe that media popularity magically creates credibility. It does not.
I have been hidden by the media. And I hold all the credibility.
The massive cheating and deleting of my company is proof they are liars.
But the browser isn’t the web. And the search engine was created in the U.S..
They should never have formed a pretense of awards, knighthoods and hyperbole.
Now they must admit this or the global internet forces will strangle everyone.

Other works:
The first thing you would look for in an inventor of the internet is other works.
Not just decorations and awards.

I am also the inventor of the modern 'Tube shape vaporizer'(c) ("chamber" with "at
least one vent hole" (w/ optional side hole)) known as the Ubie, which saves 55,000 lives/yr in the U.S. alone. (One hundred seven thousand per year in 2020 and three quarters of a million lives globally in 2021)
My voice is louder.
That's Four billion dollars per year in the U.S., at 8.5 life years saved per smoker
who quits by age 35, per 35 yrs for every vape user who chooses not to smoke.
And 90% less toxicity for vapor, rather than combustion.

Since writing this i have also found the Date of the Shroud of Turin.
An executive summery is here
That paper joins others on the actual chronology of the bible and the historic
Also Consequences of secularization in society.*

A note on greed:
Large companies often cheat workers and consumers to force greater
inequality, economic damage which is not solved by inflationary monetary policy.
This strains all systems and groups. We all respect hard work and investment. But
these forces are abused. And the Internet's direct wire to every consumer is
already toppling governments with facebook revolutions and internet influenced
trade wars. The world is one fabric. That fabric must be preserved. These
concepts are not easy. But theft circulates. Dishonesty and unfairness become an
addiction for society. We must move the other way. Man is the measure of all
things. The individual. My business. Each of us. We must not spiral away from
this simple axiom.)

In Closing:
The internet must be provided to the people. It is a vital service.
It's utility for one, creates a necessity for all. Its software and
services must be available at the least reasonable cost. This worked
when the internet was fair and recruiting users with free software and
reasonable fees. It must remain that way. Society must make these choices.
We must police crime, prevent fraud, insure trade, protect equality,
guarantee fairness and secure privacy.

The internet has changed the world. The old world has passed away.
The internet has given us knowledge, comfort, and prosperity.
But our politics and history are no longer adequate to guide us.
The internet is not like other inventions. The internet is society.
But the internet is new. What once worked is now tricked by negative
innovations. The internet has gone criminal. The same wisdom which
created it must guide and control it. And i must have support or the
consequences will be no different from any other period in history.
World war came 13 years after mass production of automobiles.
I was deleted from google 13 years after 1995 when netscape went public.

The people of this planet face a great challenge. It is the defining
challenge of history. Whether we shall have order or chaos. Crime or
trade. Oppression or prosperity. Whether we will be heard or digitally
extinguished. All the battles of history have lead to this moment. All
the causes. All the hopes.
The internet must be free.

Timothy Brian Sheridan. Dec 5 2014. 9:15am

The suite

The internet is publishing, searching and messaging.
These core features were well covered by the webpage, search engine and
hyper mail. These are accompanied by service providers and appropriate
software. However each has been compromised or damaged.

The market
The internet is "the market place". A place to to take your goods. A
place to be seen and not erased or eaten by hackers who jam the market.
The market must make choices, not the hackers. The net is grossly
unfair trade. Those who host "markets" have a responsibility to the
people, who own "the market".

The equality
Search engines are a market where products must be seen equally else
products and services cannot be priced or purchased fairly.
Buying tricks to bribe or cheat the search market is not advertising but
unfair trade. When people pay to "remove content" they are doing
digital genocide. Advertising already tips the fair market.
I already live in a digital concentration camp with search listings
hidden and emails jammed. This generation has shown its worth.

Your rights:

You have a right to a website, email and equal search listing.
You have a right to a fair search,(equal, random and verifyiable)
a search that is not swayed by others.
You have a right to have your email delivered and your web page seen.
You have the right to buy any service others are buying at the same
You have the right to unobstructed and equal service without
interference or constraints. No person shall interfere with your
experience of the internet.
Your account belongs to you and nobody else.
You have a right to your data and statistics.
You have a right to full featured services
You have the right to free services without interference
You paid for free services with your time and contributions.
You have a right to good faith 'service agreements' which are not the
law and may only apply to serve these rights and may not impose features
which compromise these rights such as deleting messages or jamming
accounts, often called "filtering or suspension". Renaming unfair trade
is also fraud.
You have a right to be free from constantly refreshing, updating and
fixing services or hardware.
You have a right to any password.
You have a right to low cost services which already worked 20 years ago.
You have a right to reverse compatibility.
You have a right to be free from virus rackets and upkeep scams.
You have a right to forums and services that empower and expand your
You have a right to the best service and equipment at the least
reasonable cost.
you have a right to prompt efficient service to correct problems.
You have a right to do business anywhere.
You have a right to intellectual property protection when that property
is rightly yours.
You have a right to better judges and decision makers to protect you.
You have a right to rate those arbitors and those who rate them or you.

Your Responsibilities:

Universal Access to the internet must be protected. All voices, buyers
and lawful sellers must be heard. This creates opportunity and lessens
tensions. Trade agreements must also carry the burden of care and

The search engine is a public resource. There is only one.
A copy would be the same thing.
If it were different, it would be inferior. This has happened.
The search engine is societies' market place.

Search listings must be equal, fair, random and unpredictable.
Any other approach promotes tampering, bribery and fraud. Search
categories may not lead the searcher unfairly. Categories are used to
sway (cheat or steal) visibility. Rank or omission is deceptive and
unfair practice.
This is the only way because human operators are corrupt and inaccuate and most
clickson search engines are faked by robots. In 2008 they overwhelmed the people
and y international "vaporizer" company disappeared completely from position #2
just above wikipedia, to non existent.
Today they fake everything. You are deprived of the cheaper products.
And i am cheated of patents and market rights. A fair market does not
mean everyone will earn the same amount. But it insures that great
businesses will not be exterminated. It gives the people a chance to
see them.

People or groups cannot be more than equal. Search engines tried to
find the most popular pages. But they use corrupt rules. Search
engines do not currently function. They give plausible results, but are
rigged to undermine the free and fair market. This must stop immediately.
Search engines cannot decide who is more popular. It is defaming. Obviously people
have a right to be free from defamation. Search engines make fake "popularity".
That's fraud and unfair monopolistic power. The public pays for free listings by
creating the url in the first place.
Omission means the cost is different for some people. Differential pricing is illegal.
Searches which promote "better matches" (rather than "random matches")
steal from everyone. Even if a company is bigger and spent more, the
free search cannot favor one without stealing the market from all.

Search engines may not use monopolistic power to dump advertising or
damage the market. The market is a communal property. This does not
preclude forms of advertising. Advertising already tips the free market.
But the search may not be stolen from anyone. Search within a website
must also comply. Any preference for pages is so uncertain as to warrant equality.
Should a listing be first or second or banished ? There is no second page. The
first page is what comes up when you search. Listings must be
spread equally because you do not know better Unfair trade is
prohibited. Small businesses need more space and big ones do not. There
is no argument for bias. If some pages seem less relevant, that is
only one perspective. Maybe someone is searching that keyword.

Privacy must be protected.
All traffic must be secure, redundant and verifiable. This is the
responsibility of government and providers. This requires secure
services from multiple sources and secure, redundant and verifiable
hardware. Hardware randomizing. Hardened operating systems. While in
principle anything can be defeated, this is not possible in practice
when all persons have access to the new service. The government must
insure that servers are not programmed for fraud or abuse.
The ability to delete or impeed people is a weapon of mass destruction.
That ability must be removed from the infrastructure.

All Information is money. The processing, storage and use of information
must be protected as though it were money. Cheating, diverting,
deleting, delaying or theft of services is bank robbery. In some cases
it is counterfeiting or public fraud. This must be policed and enforced.

A service account is owned by the user. Its value is higher than the
cost of rent. The man in the street cannot police this. It is the
obligation of government.

The internet must be simple, efficient and effective. This is to
conserve human capital. The good people are needed to make decisions.
Yet everywhere businesses are making small choices that may help
themselves at the expense of society. Browsers that don't edit. Accounts
that do not alias domains to directories. Overly complex unfair search
interfaces. Email that does not deliver. This must stop. It has
destroyed the internet. The people cannot be encumbered unnecessarily.
The world lacks the intellectual resource to control itself when things
are too complex or inefficient. There are massive unseen costs. The key
infrastructure should be set and regulated. It must be simple and

Reliability. The user places much more time and energy into a web account
than the cost of it. They must not be held hostage for their
investment. The services must be uniform, well-functioning and minimal
in price. Switching providers must be easy and seamless. They are vital services
like water or highways. This requires government and secure technology. Government
must provide a digital safety net.

Moderation of forums contravenes internet rights. The user of any
service has a right to be free from harassment. Users may sign their
posts any way they please. They may include company name, link, logos,
product pics (provided others have the same space). Deleting people to
tip the forum toward personal gain is illegal. Deleting posts to
thwart commerce is illegal.
If you do not benefit from a forum without moderation then do not run
one. If you do run one then you are dividing the chat market and owe society
something in return. Society needs open and connected forums.
The forum operator will not loose money they are entitled to.

A forum is a franchise of the free market. It must adhere to these
principles. If people use your forum to discuss things they sell, it is their right
to be free from selective harassment. Most forums allow individuals to
choose what users they block anyway.
It is not lawful to select or effect such blocks for the user.

While topic choices may be the right of the forum, it is not possible
to choose a non-commercial topic.
Insisting that topics are strictly noncommercial is fraud.
A topic about religion might include a less sinful smoking product.
A topic about cute puppies might include one that is for sale.
While this seems less free. It is not.
When you sell paper you do not tell people what to write.
Chat services must be fair and open. The market is damaged by unfree or multiple
divided forums. It is a greater danger to stifle one voice than to allow thousand.
This document is a perfect example.

Fair search listings will lessen commercial use of chat rooms. It is illegal to
starve people of trade then delete them when they try to use chat rooms multi-author
pages or email. Proper user centered forums will remove the
purpose for such attacks and allow commercial use to be directed to those
who want it. These are new technologies. They too could be subverted.
They require care.

Companies which divide the internet market place are stealing from society.
The rise of separatist mobile markets which demand elaborate tricks from websites
are an example. They are simply pressuring with elaborate systems that can be hacked.
Divided forums create monopolistic pressure on advertisers who are forced
to buy ads in smaller forums.
Advertising should be offered by a single clearing house regulated by

Transparency is vital. The computer must not be a dark place where we
are forced to guess what is happening. This exacerbates crime.
Transparent operating system is needed. The problems are academic. But
they require political will and funding. These are vital services. They
are not a places to exert unfair force upon trade and peoples.

The internet needs a secure, efficient, open and trustworthy forum. All over the
world people march in the streets because they have no place to constructively
engage to make a difference. All of them are victims of internet crime. Awareness
and solidarity is good. But a proper forum must be created. This has been delayed
by the disorder. It will need guidance.

It is not lawful to harvest private usage. Technologies which perform
mass theft of privacy are oppressive and are used to tip the market away
from fair or free conditions. Fair trade is already the law. Network
statistics should be gathered but this raises issues of abuse at any
stage, existing statistics must be openly available and abuse programmed
out of the system. Data gathering and services must be subject to
ethics audit. This includes any public statistics on clicks, links,
language or search terms. If the information belongs to the public then
it is the right of the public to use it. It is subversion to alter such statistics.

People have a right to their own financial and internet statistics.
Hate groups have begun restricting these as well. These must be
provided. The public has a right to a single standardized and full function
internet service with all the needed features. And they need a means of
changing providers quickly, seamlessly and efficiently when services
fail to comply. Private providers have shown they are not trust worthy.
This is a responsibility of government.

Hacking must be well regulated. There are times when someone must get in
and fix things. This must be secure open and verifiable within the
proper security layers and oversight. Yes oversight can be abused.
This too must be well regulated. The circle of trust is a pyramid and
it begins with me. I invented the web and i am guiding its evolution. I
have not asked for anything i am not owed.

High security must be limited in access, that too can be
performed with elevated secure open parameters. Such technology is
possible and permits vital data or access to be within the proper
authority according to well-functioning and verifiable criteria. These
are possible and desirable. But the core politics of a nation will
determine whether this functions correctly or at all. The internet is the
world. The obligations are upon us all.

Passwords have gotten old, there are too many places and services to
remember them all. People have limited bandwidth. Some services harass
people by requiring increasingly complex passwords. (one of a
thousand crimes today). It is not for security. They can lock up people
who try to crack your password. Passwords are partly solved by
functions in browsers. Secure verifiable bio signature would benefit
the user. It would free the planet from a flimsy barrier to the web
and create universal identity for access to key services to improve

Multi-author pages. The multi-author page embodies the central problem
of governance. Who shall speak and who shall be silenced. Man cannot
decide this yet. i have discovered the technology. But it requires
open access, security and proper structure. Web pages worked because you
were sovereign and searches were fair. But group editing differs from the
personal page. It is a battle. People have undermined fairness. They
hacked servers and rely on back-alley votes that are no different from a
mugging. The system does not correct their hostilities. Appointees
attack with impunity. They act as judge and jury. They filter all
dissent. They are totally corrupt. This must be corrected quickly.
Wikipedia is an illegal ad-dumping website which pays people with
amusing trivia to support tax free business promotion for ethnically
correct people and products. Who gets free add-dumping? Anyone in
Hollywood. Anyone in the right ethnic group. For instance. They had
whole pages for vaporizers. But not mine, the inventor. Later they
removed the vaporizer pages because they control the whole market. They
no longer needed vap pages. They create meaningless words like
"notability". I "noted" my business. I proved it could be "noted" and
that it met their criteria. They deleted it anyway.

Ethnic cleansing online:
Searching wikipedia showed 2300 mentions of "a Jewish family", 200 for "a
Christian family", 268 for "a Muslim family" and none for "a Buddhist
family". While 80% Jewish, they are 100 percent racist. Its not for
lack of trying. There are 34 "Jewish entrepreneur" and 2 "Christian
entrepreneur". It would be 3 but they delete me every time.
So some races are grieviously overrepresented. Jews are represented 8500% socially and 28400% in business.
It is understandable that the unfinished multi-author technology is vulnerable. But more effort must be applied.
Our society must stop the ethnic hate that has caused so much terror around the
globe. The ethnic hate is anti American. (The founding document of America evoked
the "Creator" to declare "inalienable rights".) The multi-author system must be
elevated to a new technology to insure fair services, fair moderation and to
preserve the blessings of liberty. This will require the inventor. You
can not do it without the integrity I provide. I solved this in 2003.

The blog-glut. Today people are enslaved (by search engines) and forced
to blog for search ranking. This has forced a sea of useless junk
pundits who jabber to survive. Like a book burning. It is happening now. Not everyone is educated or inspired.
Nor do the people always have time to give away random tidbits. The
forced blog is a book burning of human capital in order to get unfair
market presence. Search listings must stop pushing the market. The
internet (web) cannot be made more fair than I designed it to be.
Textsearch. Fair search. One site per person or entity.

Other deceptive practices. Companies who sell ad links must not disguise those
links. No fake chat. No fake ads, no forcing double efforts by users.
Search vape. Do you see I invented and own vapes. But there is no law in america unless you can throw away mllions of dollars to protect something. And that calls for speculation.

The People are in the dark.
They do not know the cost. They do not see the damage.
They are not able to govern the internet. The ideas are too complex.
Deeper understanding and integrity is needed. When search engines
promote shill pages they destroy everyone's freedoms.
Popularity is faked. There is no guide. The unfair trade destroys money and politics.
Unity is required. And compromise will produce grievous results. The free market
must not be bargained away.

Proper leadership and system organization must be obtained. Integrity
must be harnessed correctly and opportunities for abuse removed. But
choosing the ideal individuals is difficult. This is the multi-author
problem. We must choose integrity in a way which insures those who are
lesser will vote for those who are greater. Arguments must be accounted
fairly. Human interference must be removed.
Then we can have faith that order and wisdom will serve.
This technology exists.

We must take steps to repair the market and society.
People who did not invent the internet will not easily repair it.
A better metric for leadership is needed. And that technology exists.
Currently i supply that.

These principles are not dreams or theories. They are vital fact.
We must not allow the train to be robbed. The consequences will be

The web is a vital service. It must be provided at the least reasonable
cost. A vital service cannot control its own presence in the market. It
would raise the price until it became prohibitive. Things which can be
free, must be free. Else there is oppression.

The technology for the web must be free and well-functioning.
It does not require endless innovation or constant payment. The features
of the landscape must be free and accessible. We have already seen ill
forces destroy function with non-editing browsers, less and less
functional accounts. Nickel and diming of services, cheating etc.

Government must institute certain and sufficient deterrent against
violation. It must detect failures and halt those who would delete emails or
interrupt services to perpetrate unfair trade. Government must insure delivery.
Many internet services are the providence of government. They must comply with the
fundamental needs of the free market and these rights against fraud and oppression.
Much has been done. But much remains. Many services are still
unfair trade.

The user must be informed of any problems. (see universal access) and
given fair, efficient and trustworthy defense forum. Users must have a
right to contest actions against them without cost. Numerous scenarios
exist. Proper parameters must insure that a sound voice will reliably
float to the top and a broader wisdom will prevail.
Again these technologies are mine, just as the web was.

Corporate decisions must be controlled. They have destroyed much of the
internet, crippling Netscape, erecting barriers, waging assaults,
perpetrating injustices, distorting services until they are useless.
We know the system is failing. Such problems always benefit a few.
They can be avoided by accepting rare individuals of high integrity who
act out of the common good rather than group greed. Leaders are needed.
Integrity is vital. The work must be accomplished.

The internet must not be bought. It is mine. And yours. It is the free
market. It is social justice. Those who invest more cannot bribe our
market space in the search engine or control the browser or desk-top or
speed of transmission. There are other venues for tipping the scales.
Posting, emailing, advertising, chatting or other promotions. But the
core services must not be purchased. The search engines must be
regulated and sufficiently annexed to serve the free market. Hiding a
link is fraud. Chats and posts must be visible fairly, equally and
freely. The internet must not be bought. Unfair trade is not free

Hate lists are illegal. Either lists by omission or inclusion. Many large companies
use them. Wikipedia uses them to block any mention of my company even though i
began the modern tube-vape movement. Search engines encrypt their hate lists as
equations for who to hide.

Hate is not an emotion or a speech. Hate is a an action to unfairly harm
others. We may not like all speech. But oppression is theft.
All crime is theft. Such acts are a violation of the principles
we hold important. Fair trade, equality, opportunity.
Opportunities to oppress must be removed. We must adhere to kindness.

The creation of the internet was a phase change in human history.
Failure to follow these guidelines will result in catastrophic
consequences which are widespread and unpredictable. The internet is
more pervasive than then the stone tablet, more versatile than papyrus
and more interconnected than tv or radio. This new world has no historic
analogue. It is higher bandwidth, faster, more pervasive. The good and
bad of information is coursing through the society. It will enlighten and
debase, inspire and conspire, inform and deceive.
We must adhere to reason. There are ways. They are not well known or public yet.
Decisions can be made. Things can work.

Laws of Communication.

public space - free speech - market place
Penalties and procedures must be implemented to guarantee the following:

0. End the darkness. Secure transparent verifiable service. This will
require operating systems and hardware development.

1. Search is by keyword. No omissions. No unequal rank. No categories.
Presentation order must be secure, random and verifiable. Page data
must be compiled openly and fairly. The market must not be pushed. Random results
from keyword search may be augmented by secondary user selected criteria such as
price or locality, if consistent, open, free and unbiased.
No other system works because clicks are faked, pages unreasonably
multiplied. One page per domain per search (click here for more from
this site) eliminating redundant page abuse, one listing per domain per
owner per search (eliminating redundancy by owner). Page data and
keywords gathered must be simple, public and subject to correction.

2. Equal, open and fair. Services offered to one must be offered to all
equally, consistently and at the same cost.

3. Consistent services, no switching pages, no blocking, no deletions, no bans, no
interference, no cloaking of links to prevent access. People must not be deleted.
Verification and due notification must exist.

4. Email, web pages, clicks, accounts, sales and searches belong to the
user and must reach the intended recipient. The epithet "spam" is
Non-squitter hate speech. Disdain for pork is no excuse. Any filtering
blocking or diversion is wire fraud and must result in jail time. The
user must control their own mail or data. Not third parties. Software must
permit and assist without bias. Servers must comply. Verification must

5 All forums must be open and free. Censorship is unfair trade,
harassment, fraud and theft. People pay for free services with their
keywords, their time, their posts and images. They are owed. Multiple
forums damage the public common by separating services and people. The public has a
right to a unified useful forum. Any forum is a division of the common market
and owes equality for all.

An internet service account is not different from a bank account.
Robbery is illegal. Damaging altering "suspending" vandalizing or
interfering, in any way, with user accounts is harassment and numerous
other crimes. Clicks, searches and transactions belong to the intended
user or recipient.

7 Hypertext is text, images, sound and hyperlinks. It must be
simplified to reflect the basic needs. Literacy now includes this
universal standard for written communication . Complex codings are
deceptive and prevent transparency and impede editing which are rights.
Unnecessary complexity burdens society and our vital intellectual
resources. The fundamental architecture must be protected, free,
available and simple.

8 Browsers must not be hacked. The browser must also edit and not be
slowed or manipulated. no buttons removed by coding’s. No pop up ads, the
function not impeded. Simplicity. A "browser cookie" is a tattoo.
Unfair, deceptive or unfavorable use or marking of people is prohibited.

9 Markets must be open, equal and fair. Preventing anyone from being
seen is harming all rights. Trade must be fair. Omissions are fraud.
Unfairness oppresses buyers and sellers. The internet must comply.
Server functions must be secured and verifiable.

10 Ethics audits and controls must be provided. But these must come
through a process of well-functioning decision making, not crony
attacks or back-alley democracy. Until a proper means of selecting
highest integrity and best argument is found, i provide this resource.

11 The user must control the features of the internet experience.
Publishing as they please and searching fairly and messaging whom they
choose. It is unacceptable to allow anyone to make choices or omissions
for the user. The internet was designed after a library. People may
contribute, search, read and talk. It is never acceptable to interfere.
But the library is commercial and communal. So these standards reflect
the social purpose and responsibility.

Even the finest words often fall short as people rationalize and blind
themselves to the deeper obligations we all share. These decrees are
intended to strengthen and illuminate but must be supported and upheld by
all. The internet gives the world a reason to cooperate toward a shared
standard. Trade must compete on quality, price and legitimacy -not
domination, deception or exclusion from public forums.

Timothy Brian Sheridan dec 9 2014

VI. The effort ahead

These precepts are not hard. But they must be codified and enforced.
Much is being done. And much remains. Not everyone will understand everything. But these
are practical and achievable goals.
We must work together.

Some technologies are not yet complete.
Decision forums and policing techniques require development, funding and
oversight. The information age poses the challenge of control.
This ethical accounting must be adhered to. Search equality dilutes the
opportunities for abuse. It brings fairness. There is less to fight
over. Verification requires bandwidth.
Deletion and omission must be regarded as weapons of mass destruction.

Systems for privacy, accountability, transparency, access, efficiency,
and glut handling must be properly created, structured and disseminated.
These are rightly functions of government, though everyone can

An orderly market is a benefit to society. Its intrinsic value must be
appreciated and preserved. Electronic mass market services are vital.
The fair market belongs to the people. Auction sites and mass media
sellers must not dominate or divide the market or hurt sellers and
buyers. Such internet services become mass-markets and a proper
concern of government. They are no longer free speech but social force.
Mass oppression must be prevented. Government must regulate the large
players in any market to insure fair pricing, coverage and access.
The internet is simple. But the abuses are endless. This document
addresses those abuses. It will take time, experience, dedication and
money to remedy. But we must do this. We must secure services so they
cannot be cheated.

In the beginning it was good. But this will not persist unless we take
steps to control change and structure the system. The changes have been
bad. Although many refinements have increased speed or capacity, they have
been coupled with loss of services. The many changes have destroyed the
market and our society. The world must defend its self from the
internet extremists. Fair trade is not an extreme. It is the minimum
standard we can accept. The abuses are subtle and they hide below the
view of the people.
The internet must be free.
The numerous attacks on my company are examples to remedy.

Timothy Brian Sheridan