Catholic Priests and Alien Abductions

Recently I found an equation that predicts false accusations based on popularity of the victim. This is derived from false reports against "space aliens" who are often accused of abducting people (then letting them go). The Numbers say that Priests are simply victim of a common phonominon of false reports.

A longitudinal report on UFO activity since the 40s stated there were 1,700 UFO Abduction reports. (from roughly 1936 to 1998) This was the most comprehencive report at the time. (cir 2015) Apparently that number was based on the fact that reporting had increaced by a factor of 4.5 after 1993. Before that time, you couldn't just ask your phone how to report such a thing. And such stories are more tolerated than in earlier times.
The origional report is now missing from the web. However, I wrote the numbers down as part of my research. And I confirmed the time frame from the "NUFORC" database on alien "sightings". (aproximatly 14,600 'sightings' during that time. It matched.)

Well, I looked up the term "space alien" on google ngram viewer. (Search google ngram) and space aliens were .000002 of American English. (2*10^-6) Not too popular. But enough to garner 1,700 accusations.

I hypothesized that this is a random phenomenon in which people simply attack stuff that bounces around in their head. (Since twinkle lights in the sky never really bother anyone.) So I looked up the term "Cosby". Its a single concept in our society, though there are probabily a few people with that name. He is sometimes called "The Coz" but that is sytlistic and rare.

The popularity of "Cosby" in american Engligh was .0000001. (10^-7)
Doing the math,

-----   * .0000001 = 63 (alien abduction type accusers)

This matched. Cosby has 60 female accusers. And I suppose, two lawyers and 1 judge. But is it correct? Is it true? Did he simply offer his dates drinks and stuff before they had drunk sex? Did stuff that was not criminal in 2013 (when first reported) become criminal when a lynch mob became totalitarian about drunk sex? A crime in Sweden, but generally just sloppy love in most of the world.

To test this I looked at The weinestien Case. But I could not find a term that summed up the Film producer, Hollywood producer or indiviual person. Weinstien was behind the scenes. he made movies. Cosby was a front man. You went to see him. Wienstien was not "The Stien" or "Mr. Film". There was no term like "cosby".

What I did find was the term "hollywood" but that could mean things other than Wienstien. In fact it could be other people (one dimension) and other things (another dimension). And I found that "Hollywood / (2 Pi)" would satisfy the same equation.
Alien abduction (accusations) divided by "space alien"
times "hollywood/2Pi" gives,

-----   * .0000001 = 87.9 (predicted alien abduction type accusers)

And this againt fits the 87 accusers. (plus .9 judges, I suppose)

Here i used the long standing popularity of the word Hollywood, before 1995. (because the internet exaggerates word popularity of show biz) So is the division by 2 PI correct? Its hard to prove. But again.. no police reports, no charges.. no crimes.. until, later, after a lot of people got talking, then grabbed their pitch forks.. (i'm not saying its ideal to ask for sex in any situation) But they, later, grabbed their pitch forks and caused far more damage than he ever did, wipeing out a career and obviously severely injuring a human life. Did he wipe out careers? You'd have to blame every producer i ever emailed. Maybe you can. Or maybe its the junta of "we don't look at outsider's work". But that's a different matter.

Dividing a term by 2 Pi was iffy. So I looked at "Priests". No other profession is so often accused. People don't care about "ministers" or "Rabbis". They want catholic priests. (Catholics earn half as much money as the other groups do in the U.S. So they are clearly an oppressed group.)

I looked at the term "priest", "clergy" and "clergyman". But none seemed to fit. Priests were way too popular. The equation suggested 8 million accusers out of 109,694 priests. I used the church's own statistics on priests since the 1950s. It is a well known report. Report of the Bishops from 1936 onward

I relized that 'priest' is too popular because 'priests' are not 'space aliens'. They are not twinkling lights in the sky. They're Real. So another term is needed. Like "space" "alien".
I tried "Priest" squared which gave more than the number of accusers.
I tried "Clergy" Squared which gave less.
And I tried "Priest" * "Clergy" which gave about 20% more..

Then I found "Catholic Priest" Both an idea and a person. Catholic priest had a popularity of .0000013 (as of 2008)
Comparing "alien abduction" (accusations) to "catholic priest" (accusations),(based on word populatiry), gave;

-----   * .0000013 = 1020 (predicted alien abduction reports about priest since 1936)

This matched also. Catholic priests showed 1021 police reports. An error less than 1/10th percent.

We have no real data on how many priests are abusers. And we can't be sure why "space aliens" are also exactly 2/3 more hostile than priests. (1,700/ 1,021) = 1.665 )

Why are twinkling lights in the sky 66% more hostile ? Maybe its easier to accuse an 'idea' than a person.

The data for "Cosby", "Hollywood/2Pi" and "Catholic Priests" seems to clinch The Alien Abduction effect.

The larry nassar case has some numbers worth noteing.
Here a doctor was paid to grab patients butts to adjust their back.
Early on the girls laughed among themselves how they hated having that done.
And joked about the doctor. 15 years later they made the teen jokeing appear real.

"Nasser" (with an 'e') has a word frequency of .0000006 in American Emglish (2008 google ngram). (It is more popular than Nassar with an 'a', but is spoken the same way.) This predicts 510 (alien abduction) accusers. A recent report showed only 333 accusers.

As a christian, it makes me wonder why god allows false charges. For instance half of death row was shown to be innocent when DNA testing became available.(statistics also became hard to find after 2008) The Nassar case is similar again in that there was no problem, in fact they paied him for the work, then suddenly in 2014 someone made a complaint and a large mob formed with 333 people suing Mishingan State University for a HALF BILLION DOLLARS.

Enough to make anyone want to turn their head and caugh.

The Numbers suggest all these cases are the result of viscious mobs of slanderers who appeared out of nowhere. Like the porn on Nassar's computor which seems to have appeared out of nowhere. 37,000 images of kiddy porn. At 2 hours a day, that would take a year to download at a minute per image. About the amount of time between the first accusation in 2014 and the sudden investigation for kiddy porn a year later.

Did he buy the porn on the internet? Is there a secret "free kiddy porn network"? Or was it donated by a well meaning "family protector"?

All the numbers say innocent. All of them.

All the accusers say Give us money. All of them.

False charges are a Fact. They are serious threat to the united states. There is no presumption of innocence. They lock you up right away. Then, they bribe you to confess to lesser charges.

I know that false accusations are a problem in america. But words seem useless, so i give you the numbers.

The math I present here is not dificult. But we know from DNA that our justice system is troubled. I hope others can help. Jesus tells us to love our enemies, forgive them and do good to them. But everywhere people are out of control. People jam my search listings, cheat my web, email and paypal. They pirate my patent, monopolize and destroy.

They gave Larry Nassar 60 years in jail for "posessing photos". A death sentence.
If the family dog tries to hump your leg you don't sue the parents for a million dollars. You wouldn't put a dog in jail for 60 years. Even if it were true. But it's not true because there is no truth left. Search the term "vape", do you see TheUbie.Com?

Tim Sept 2018)